fabulous beast: poems
forthcoming from Texas Review Press in August 2019
The poems in Fabulous Beast explore what it means to be a woman divided between biology, ambition, and desire. By reimagining the traditional forms of fable, fairy tale, and myth, Fabulous Beast contends with decisions faced by women who no longer fit neatly in traditional roles and so must construct new ones.
"Sarah Kain Gutowski’s talent, her knowledge of language and her ability to weave stories make this collection about the complexity of womanhood, motherhood, and the female artist unique. Inspired by fables, fairy tales, and Norse and Greek myths, Fabulous Beast is written with courage, passion, precision and intelligence. In these fierce poems, Kain Gutowski creates her own universe, filled with stories and tales that explain it to us, her readers. At the center of Kain Gutowski’s poems we find the beast/woman who gives (gives birth, gives sustenance, gives attention, gives her body) to others and the girl who--after being told she talks too much--becomes a silent woman, “The Woman with The Frog Tongue.” This woman may be silent, but the poet describing her expresses grief, rage, sensuality, and love all at once, with candor and impeccable irony. All the poems in this collection deserve our full attention."
    – Hope Maxwell Snyder, author of Esperanza and Hope
and Poet Laureate of Shepherdstown, WV.

"...What matters is this : Sarah Kain Gutowski has a voice in American poetry. It's a unique, finely tuned voice that does not rely on effects, and resonates with music that is unquestionably hers. She writes about being a woman, a mother, a lover, in ways that avoid all the common pitfalls of gender writing, of political angles, and the studied obfuscation of the prevailing style..."    
–  Stephanos Papadopoulos, author of The Black Sea