Reviews of Fabulous Beast: The Sow
"Beastly Mother, Motherly Beast" by Sarah B. Boyle in The Hairsplitter
"Here, in the language of the final poem, even as the mother assumes human shape and cares for a human child, a son, she remains in “this other female’s” body. The mother is not a woman who was briefly transformed into a sow. The mother is the sow who occasionally becomes human. How long will she be locked in a strange new skin? Forever, Gutowski suggests. Mothering is forever, and the mists that shroud it are inescapable."

"Sarah Kain Gutowski's Fabulous Beast: The Sow" by Paul David Adkins in
Luna Luna Magazine:
Fabulous Beast: The Sow, simultaneously harrowing and thrilling, moves us into uniquely imaginative and perceptive poetic territory. Sarah Kain Gutowski’s ability to vividly reveal the malaise and heaviness of the Western female experience forces us to rethink typical gender roles, and the way such roles entrap and enslave our own mothers, our own wives, our children. She exposes our societal treatment of women as insanity-inducing. But she guides us to these stunning revelations with such subtlety and grace, encouraging us to rise from the sty of our making, and bolt, free forever, into that dangerous, beautiful, and waiting world.”
"There is such a pull to the story, an exercise in magical realism I have not experienced in a while. There is such awareness of the body: its burden and heaviness, its magic and beastliness. "